You can learn the secret of  communicating magically - 1 day workshop
"when we speak with power, the universe believes us .......... project yourself with confidence ....... using the language of influence that inspires and moves others."

Would you like to

- communicate magically so that people really listen to you?
- be more persuasive and motivating in your communication ?
- have more confidence when you speak?

Did you know the best communicators use secret language patterns that communicate with your unconscious to influence your behaviour and response? .... and on this one day workshop you will learn the secrets of effective communication ........using simple techniques which can be learned by speak with confidence, clarity and influence. The result will be an improvement in your ability to communicate in your work, social and personal life.

By the end of the workshop, you will learn to communicate persuasively, effectively and with confidence to positively influence others and help you achieve your goals in life.

Amongst the skills you will learn are how to

-have total control over how you communicate in all areas of life
-ethically use the secrets of hidden communication techniques
-how to be more persuasive and speak with influence to motivate people.
-make people more interested and relaxed when you speak
-get answers from your subconscious mind to solve everyday problems.

About Patrick Farnsworth

Patrick is a practising therapist and trainer of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming ( NLP) and energy therapy. With a successful therapy & training practise based in South West London and a background in language and training, he has run trainings and workshops for small and large organisations including the home office.

we are influenced by language everyday. by recognising how people are trying to influence us can give us more control. I heard a news reader saying: imagine your children being fat, obese … etc.

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